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Blue Textured Likimat Lick Pad Dog Slow Feeder Mat

Blue Textured Likimat Lick Pad Dog Slow Feeder Mat

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Entertain and reduce stress for your pet.

The likimat is designed with soft nubs that allow for a multitude of different types of interaction based on the food type applied.

Great for slowing down mealtimes or distracting while in the bath by attaching it to the wall.

‎23 x 14 x 1.6 cm

Dishwasher safe.

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    Our project in Turkey allows dogs to roam freely in a several hundred pack environment.

    The dogs we support are a mixture of vulnerable street born dogs and abandoned bred to order dogs dumped by their families.

    The project is a unique collaboration which ensures dogs in need receive the care they need.


    Delilah & Rocco, mother and son were abandoned. Facing an uncertain future we agreed to take them under the projects care.

    Later, an older unwell donkey was scheduled to be shot because she was no longer wanted. She has joined Delilah & Rocco at the Donkey House. Her name is Eve.