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Insect Protein Nibble Dog Treats

Insect Protein Nibble Dog Treats

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Insect protein and plant-based dog training nibbles are made with the same eco-conscious ethos of our kibble foods in mind, Insect nibbles use innovative novel protein from the Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) in place of common ingredients like beef or chicken. With zero traditional meat inside, our insect nibbles are the ideal treat for dogs with sensitivities to traditional meat products. 

We’ve used the same clever combined novel protein/plant-based recipe from our dry dog food blend to create a delicious, low-calorie treat ideal for dogs with sensitivities to meat.

We combine this protein with a plant-based recipe to form tasty little nibbles of goodness that your dog can enjoy with no stress or mess. At just 8 calories each, they’re a fantastic treat for all good boys and girls. Come in natural Kraft bags.



92% hermetia illucens (black soldier fly larvae) combined with 6% organic sweet potato & 2% fava beans Manufactured in Great Britain. 

Nutritional Information:

Protein: 80% Fat: 8% Moisture: 6% Ash: 3% Fibre: 7%  

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    Our project in Turkey allows dogs to roam freely in a several hundred pack environment.

    The dogs we support are a mixture of vulnerable street born dogs and abandoned bred to order dogs dumped by their families.

    The project is a unique collaboration which ensures dogs in need receive the care they need.


    Delilah & Rocco, mother and son were abandoned. Facing an uncertain future we agreed to take them under the projects care.

    Later, an older unwell donkey was scheduled to be shot because she was no longer wanted. She has joined Delilah & Rocco at the Donkey House. Her name is Eve.